About us

UAB TTinox is a newly established, but fast-moving footprint with the new trends in the glass fittings market. The area represented by UAB TTinox is stainless steel parts made of stainless steel. UAB TTinox range - glass partition fittings, door fittings, struts, stair railings, glass roofs above the door, sliding doors, glass point fasteners, shower enclosure fittings. UAB TTinox recommends ordering glass fittings on UAB TTinox website https://www.ttinox.lt or visit Draugystės st. 19, Kaunas (https://www.ttinox.lt/contacts/)

Glass partitions, interior doors, exterior doors - give a feeling of space and freedom. Aluminum profiles support the construction of the glass partition. In order to install glass partitions, glass doors - glass fittings are required, i. metal profiles, holders, connectors, hinges, locks, handles. Glass doors for interior or glass exterior doors will give the house more light.

Struts, handrails and details of stair railings are an integral part of both stainless steel and wooden stairs, glass stairs or concrete stairs. Stainless steel railings are a solution for the durability and durability of stair railings in the office, shop and home. Balcony railings, patio railings with glass will look modern, reinforced with stainless steel pipes and stainless steel details. Stainless steel struts - can be used as fence segments, they can be fitted with stainless steel mesh, rope or small diameter pipe.

Glass roofs above the door - will help to hide from the rain, which is so common in Lithuania. And stainless steel fasteners will ensure durability and corrosion resistance. We can make a glass roof above your door according to your desired parameters.

Sliding doors - provide convenience when moving in space, they are easy to slide due to the durable construction, which we can make for you according to your wishes https://www.ttinox.lt/kontaktai/ Glass sliding doors can be easily adapted both in offices and store entrances.

Glass point fixings - metal products made of stainless steel for fixing glass to the desired structure. This is a simple way, the principle of which is to simply "attach" the glass sheet to the structure with a few stainless steel details. On the website of UAB TTinox https://www.ttinox.lt/produktai/stiklo-taskiniai-tvirtinimai/, you will be able to choose which model you need according to the design or size

Shower enclosure fittings - for easy installation of a glass shower enclosure, shower wall or shower partition. The shower door is also secured with stainless steel fittings. Stainless steel handles, glass holders, pipe connections will speed up the workflow. The bathroom will look flawless and the bathroom walls will last a long time.

The price level of the products recommended by UAB TTinox corresponds to the quality of the goods and is favorable for each consumer. We kindly invite you to visit the website of UAB TTinox https://www.ttinox.lt/. You can also find us at: Draugystės st. 19, Kaunas. We are waiting for you!